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  • General Surgery

    The General Surgery Department uses the most advanced technology to offer cutting edge resources and the latest generation equipment for each treatment, not forgetting a human and personal touch for each patient.

  • Digestive System

    We work on all aspects of this speciality, diagnosing as fast as possible and effectively treating the different diseases.

  • Ophtalmology

    We use our eyes to see life and so Vithas Xanit International Hospital has developed a highly influential Ophthalmology Department in this area. Our strong vision care programme has made us the first private hospital in the province to have a surgery for evaluating and treatment of poor vision.

  • Oncology. Vithas Xanit Oncological Institute

    We are there for you when you most need us. Cancer treatment is generally a long 'fight' and so we wish to be by your side guaranteeing access and knowledge of the latest progress and offering you maximum psychological support and making your road to recovery as easy as possible.


Recommendations for surviving...
Maintaining our daily routine, getting enough rest and avoiding 'binge eating' related to last-minute studying are some of the recommendations provided by the experts


Xanit Fuengirola
At our Xanit Centro Médico Fuengirola you will find the most frequent specialties with the best team of professional to care for you.

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