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Andalucia Executive Awards

Andalucia Executive Awards Mercedes Mengíbar receives an award in recognition of her professional career during the 12th edition of the Andalucia Executive Awards 

The Managing Director of  Vithas Xanit International Hospital,  belonging to the Vithas Healthcare Group, has been selected by The Executive Magazine to receive an award in recognition of her professional career during the 12th edition of the Andalucia Executive Awards. This award ceremony enables the magazine to recognise the excellent work undertaken by business men and women, executives, and institutions, and to select those who have demonstrated brilliance in management  over the course of their careers. Mercedes Mengíbar has spent more than 20 years leading teams of professionals,  and has been recognised for her extensive experience in the management of hospitals.  

The award ceremony took place yesterday in the Casa Diocesana in Málaga, and more than one hundred people were in attendance.  Amongst those who obtained an award were institutions such as Unicaja bank, La Noria, the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos in Málaga, Hutesa Agroalimentaria, Ingenia, Tecade, Alhóndiga La Unión, Fresón de Palos, Cervezas Alhambra, Aires de Jaén, D.O.P. Los Pedroches and Real Club de Golf Sotogrande. “I am delighted to have received this award which is not only in recognition of my professional career, but also of the hard work demonstrated by my team. Without them, none of this would be possible’’, explains Mercedes Mengíbar. “I believe in teamwork rather than individuals, and view an organisation as a space for personal and professional growth. I am firmly convinced that the future lies with humanistic leadership. There is nothing else which better extracts results from a person, and this is the reason why the four projects that I have led over the course of my career have been a success’’, she add’s. 

With vast experience in change management, Mercedes Mengíbar began her managerial career in 1993 when she assumed the position of Director of General Services at The Virgen del Rocío University Hospital (Seville). Five years later she was appointed as Managing Director of The Antequera Hospital  (Málaga), where she implemented a strategic orientation Project, and introduced a new organisational culture. 

Mercedes Mengíbar has a diploma in the leadership of professional advisors from the ICA (Institute of Advisors- Administrators). This institute is a Spanish representative of EcoDa –European Confederation of Boards Directors Associations-.

In 2003 she assumed the position of Managing Director of the USP Hospital in Marbella. In July 2010 she was appointed as delegate of Xanit Health Care Management, and Managing Director of Xanit International hospital. Since July 2014 she has been Managing Director of Vithas Xanit International Hospital. This hospital has become the ninth hospital in Spain, and the first private center in Andalucia to obtain an accreditation for quality and safety endorsed by the International Joint Commission. This year the hospital was re-accredited for the second consecutive time. 

Mercedes Mengíbar is specialised in the management of healthcare organisations. She studied the psychology of organisations, and has a Masters in Human Resources Management, and in Health and Management Economics in healthcare organisations. 

Her dedication to change management throughout the projects that she has led, along with the implementation of the hospital’s model based on quality and individuals, has resulted in her receiving numerous acolades over the course of her career. Mercedes Mengíbar received the ‘’Businesswoman Award of the year’’ in 2009 by the Center for Tourist Initiatives in Marbella, the gold medal at the 2001 Europe Forum (2015), and the  ADEPMA Andalucia Management Award (2015) in recognition of her brilliant professional career in the Management of Change in hospitals. She was also elected as one of the most influencial women in Spain during the 4th edition of The Top 100 Leading Women (2015). Furthermore, she received the 2016 Management Award from The Andalucia Business Club. This month she received the ‘Positive Managing Director’ award during the Optimistic Awards. This award recognises the hard work which has been undertaken in order to convert the hospital into a ‘Healthy and resilient healthcare organisation’, which has generated a culture of confidence amongst teams which in turn leads to improvements in health care.  

The Vithas Promise: high quality accredited healthcare, personal service and long term investment 

Vithas is the first healthcare company to be made up of 100% Spanish capital, and the second largest national private healthcare company. Each year they attend to more than  4.500.000 patients in their 19 hospitals and 25 Vithas Salud Specialised centers. The 44 centers are distributed throughout Spain and the main hospitals are located in Alicante, Almería, Benalmádena, Castellón, Granada, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Lleida, Madrid, Málaga, Sevilla, Tenerife, Vigo, Valencia and Vitoria-Gasteiz. The 25 Vithas Salud medical centers are situated in Alicante, Elche, El Ejido, Fuengirola, Granada, La Estrada, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Lleida, Madrid, Málaga, Marín, Nerja, Pontevedra, Rincón de la Victoria, Sanxenxo, Sevilla, Torre del Mar, Torremolinos, Vilagarcía, and Vitoria-Gasteiz. 

Vithas also counts upon the VithasLab network of laboratories, who have more than 300 blood extraction points throughout Spain, and also have a strategic agreement with the Juaneda network in the Balearic islands, who have 5 hospitals and a wide network of medical centers spread throughout the region.  

Vithas strives to attain high quality accredited healthcare, along with personalised service. The shareholders are united in their support and vision for the long term:  Goodgrower, who control 80% of the capital, and the ‘la Caixa’ Group who have the remaining 20%.

With a growth model which is based upon geographic diversification and sustainability, Vithas continues to consolidate their presence throughout Spain with the opening of new centers and aquisitions. 


About Vithas Xanit International Hospital

Vithas Xanit International Hospital (www.xanit.es) has a work force made up of more than 680 professionals, and has 13.000m2 of floor space distributed over five floors with 106 individual patient rooms.  Furthermore, within our Xanit Oncology Institute (IOX) there is a Radio Oncological Centre called Xanit Limonar, dedicated to treating cancers using the latest most innovative technologies, techniques and therapies in radiotherapy and medical Oncology. Vithas Xanit also has a specialist centre, Xanit Fuengirola, which brings the medical team to you with the same high standard of quality and customer care. 


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