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Andalucia Executive Awards (31/10/2017).

Mercedes Mengíbar receives an award in recognition of her professional career during the 12th edition of the Andalucia Executive Awards. The Managing Director of Vithas Xanit has been recognised for her vast experience in hospital management

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Optimistic Awards (11/10/2017).

Vithas Xanit receives the top award in the catogories "Medical centers" and "Positive Managing Director" in the Optimistic Awards. The objective of these national awards is to contribute to improvements in healthcare by encouraging projects which help in creating positive surroundings

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Use Protective Sunglasses (22/09/2017).

Specialists at Vithas Xanit provide a few suggestions to protect your eyes from the sun.

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At Vithas Xanit we offer cognitive rehabilitation therapy to slow down progression of this disease

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Post Holiday Depression (06/09/2017).

Specialists from Vithas Xanit offer advice on making your return to work more bearable

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Oral Health Summer (18/08/2017).

Odontologists from Vithas Xanit offer advice on caring for our oral health during the Summer

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Use Mosquito Repellents (10/08/2017).

Specialists from Vithas Xanit explain how to adequately use mosquito repellents

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Ear infections (07/08/2017).

Paediatric Specialists at Vithas Xanit International Hospital give us a few tips on ear care in young children at this time of year

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Healthy Diet Summer (03/08/2017).

Specialists in Nutrition at Vithas Xanit International Hospital offer recommendations and tips in order to follow a healthy diet during the hottest months

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Sleep Disorders (26/07/2017).

Dr Alberto Cuevas Millán and Dr Teresa Queipo de Llano will be giving a talk on snoring and sleep apnoea

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