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General Surgery

General Information

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The General Surgery Department uses the most advanced technology to offer cutting edge resources and the latest generation equipment for each treatment, not forgetting a human and personal touch for each patient.

As the main way of tackling most surgical pathologies, we offer the advanced laparoscopy surgery department. This technique requires the surgeon's knowledge and skill to be able to give patients maximum guarantees.


Obesity and Metabolic Surgery
Hepatobiliary-Pancreatic and Spleen Surgery
  • Liver surgery.
  • Surgery of the Gallbladder and Bile Ducts.
  • Pancreas Surgery.
  • Spleen Surgery.

Oesophagogastric Surgery
  • Esophageal Cancer.
  • Gastric Cancer.
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Surgery.
  • Surgery for Esophageal Motor Disorders.

Colon Rectal Surgery
  • Colorectal Cancer.
  • Surgery Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis.
  • Surgery for Diverticular Disease.

Proctologic Surgery
  • Hemorrhoids, Fistulas, Fissures and Anal Stenosis.
  • Laser Surgery.

Abdominal Wall
  • Inguinal and Femoral Hernias.
  • Midline Hernias (Umbilical, Epigastric).
  • Eventrations.

  • Thyroid Surgery.
  • Parathyroid Surgery.
  • Surgery of the Adrenals.

Oncology Surgery

In collaboration with Xanit Cancer Institute and coordinated with the Emergency and Internal Medicine provides comprehensive care to cancer patients, coordinating the best medical and surgical treatment required by the patient without displacement.


  • Dr. Gándara, Norberto
  • Dr. Fernández, David Joaquín
  • Dr. Legupin, David
  • Dra. Lucena, Fabiola
  • Dr. Martín, Francisco
  • Dr. Moya Donoso, Francisco
  • Dr. Moya Torrecilla, Francisco

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