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Happiness Day

Happiness Day

Vithas Xanit celebrated Happiness Day for the second time, by donating hugs, and organising music and laughing therapy work shops for patients

Vithas Xanit International Hospital belongs to the Vithas Healthcare Group. On the 20th of March, in  commemoration of International Happiness Day, they celebrated, “Happiness Vithas Xanit” for the second year running. Professionals from the hospital, patients and their families took part in the event.

For the second year the hospital organised this initiative in line with their policy of Social Corporate responsibility. The event was intended to strengthen internal relations between staff members, and also to unite patients and their families by holding a special day filled with smiles. 

In 2012 the World Health Organisation proclaimed this day as International Happiness Day. Butan, a country recognised for supreme national happiness requested that a day should be selected whereby people can recognise the relevance of happiness and wellbeing as universal aspirations, their importance upon human beings, as well as their inclusion in government policies.

"We were very happy to be able to celebrate the second Happiness Vithas Xanit event. At Vithas Xanit we have a hospital model based on quality and staff, and we are creating a shared culture, whereby we can choose to be happy", explains Mercedes Mengíbar, Managing Director of the hospital. She add’s that "although happiness is a personal choice, the management should create an open  environment, where staff can participate wherever possible, be positive, learn, look for meaning in their work…. And in this way stimulate professionals to choose to be happy".  

The organising of "Vithas Xanit Happiness II"’ was led by the Happiness Commitee, made up of more than 30 professionals from the hospital who worked hard to include everyone in the event.

In order to celebrate International Happiness Day, Vithas Xanit counted upon the collaboration of various companies. Construcciones Arjona, Continental Parking, Grupo Sifu, SSG Ambulances, and the Holiday World Hotel Group also collaborated with the hospital in the "Children of the Sun" Charitable Project donating their services to three russian children. The Children of the Sun is an initiative which was set up by the Russian Hispanic Forum, and in which Vithas Xanit and Russia’s United Popular Foundation collaborated. The objective of the Project was to offer rehabilitation, medical and social care to russian children suffering from serious illnesses.

The "Happiness Vithas Xanit" events began at 10.00am with a  laughter work shop which was led by Javier González del Rosario. “Many people know that there are numerous beneficial effects of laughter on our health. Laughter regulates the nervous system, and releases endorphines. These have an impact on the endocrine and immune systems, improve our quality of life, and accelerate the recuperation of pathological processes’’, explains Javier del Rosario, who add’s that “this work shop was also intended to create a bond between those participating’’.

There was also an andalucian and oriental music therapy session which took place at 12.30pm. This was led by Ignacio Béjar, who demonstrated the benefits of music on our health. “Music evokes a state of harmony, happiness, and wellbeing’’, explained Ignacio Béjar.

Professionals at the hospital also correographed a flashmob which took place in the main hall at 12.15. Patients and their families were also encouraged to participate. The programme also included hug therapy, where more than 30 professionals donated hugs to their colleagues, patients and their families.

Between 11am -1pm there was a happiness karaoke in the main hall of the hospital. The Theodora Foundation’s Smile Doctors entertained professionals, patients and their families by singing songs. The Theodora Foundation is an association which spreads a positive, human message, and whose members visit hospitals all over the world to cheer up patients with the help of their smile doctors.

The programme ended with a piano concert performed by Russian pianist, Yuri Rozum, who has received accolades in Russia. He is a soloist in the state philhamonic orchestra in Moscow, and is president of the “Yuri Rozum’’ international charitable organisation. He is a member of the Russian Academy for Natural Sciences, and is professor and Head of the Piano Professorship in the "Gnessin" Music Acadamy in Moscow, Russia.

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